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Payments Accepted

At Comprehensive Therapy, Lorraine McKenzie LCSW, accepts all PacificSource Health Plans and also private pay if you do not have PacificSource or wish to not access your insurance. Depending on your current health insurance provider, it is possible for our appointments to be covered in full or in part. It is your responsibility to call and verify your health insurance benefits and understand your insurance coverage for services I provide before we meet for your initial intake appointment. If you are not aware or understand how to verify your benefits, I am happy to verify benefits for you and to ensure you are aware of how much you will pay each session and if you have a deductible / co-pay. 

Insurance Accepted: I am currently in-network with PacificSource Commercial, PacificSource Medicare Advantage, PacificSource OHP. Please note: Insurance does not cover no show appointments and if you don't show for your appointment, you will be responsible for the full cost of the appointment. 

I accept and process insurance payments through the insurance providers listed above. If you are using insurance to pay for my services, then I will: (1) Expect and accept payment of your copayment amount at the time of service; (2) File your claim with the insurance provider; (3) Receive payment from your insurance provider; (4) Expect that you will pay your portion due of copay, co-insurance, deductible, or fee difference at the time of your appointment (if any).


 If your insurance plan requires that you meet a deductible amount prior to coverage by insurance, you will be responsible for the full session fee until the required deductible amount has been met. 

If you have a deductible or are self pay: I use the IvyPay app to collect fees. IvyPay is a credit card payment system designed specifically for psychotherapists and their clients. After our session, you will receive a SMS message with a link to a secure web page to enter your credit card information. IvyPay is HIPAA secure. I don't store your credit card information which is safer for you.

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