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Supervision for Clinical Licensure

I offer a free 15-minute consultation so we can determine if we are a good match for supervision.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years experience in the mental health field working with children, adolescents, adults and families. I earned my Bachelor in Education, Family and Community Services from the University of Oregon, graduating magnum cum laude, and my Master of Social Work degree with honors from Portland State University. I am approved by the Oregon Board of Social Work for CSWA’s seeking licensure. I am, and have been, an activist in the disability and human rights movement and that is the lens I view the supervision work I do.


I love to learn and have received extensive training in autism spectrum and Asperger syndromes, psychosis, anxiety disorder, depression, OCD and trauma healing. Additional training has included specialized work in the areas of grief, emotional regulation/emotional wellness, what it takes to deeply heal, and LGBT+ issues.


My clinical interests and experience include employment and education issues, psychosis, severe and persistent mental health challenges, child and adult trauma and life transitions. I presently work in an outpatient clinic, were I was the Team lead for two years, supporting young adults who are experiencing psychosis, and also manage a private practice working with marginalized community members while providing clinical supervision. My previous practice settings have included working as a Clinical Supervisor at a SPMI residential treatment home, providing medical social work in a hospital setting, as manager in an Alzheimer's residential home, and a few other community counseling settings.

My supervision style is supportive and interactive and trauma informed, using a cognitive behavioral framework focusing on how thoughts impact both our emotions and behaviors. I focus on assisting supervisees to develop coping and emotional regulation skills, improved boundaries, and effective communication skills to build and maintain satisfying and successful personal and professional relationships. I use HIPAA compliant video platforms to conduct supervision sessions, which means I can work with supervisees anywhere, not just in my local community.

If you think I can be of support, fill out the "contact me" form below.



  • Temporary COVID-19 Tele-Supervision Ruling: See here

  • Temporary Ruling Details: “Current BLSW rules require supervision meetings occur in-person or by video-conference. Video-conference meetings are permitted if the initial, final and at least one meeting per quarter occur in-person. Under the current COVID19 social distancing guidance, supervision meetings may all occur by video-conference. There is no need to contact the BLSW for approval to make this adjustment.”

  • Standing Tele-Supervision Rule: See here

  • Where to Find: 877-020-0010 and 877-020-0012

  • Ruling Details: 
    “(e) Supervision required in this rule must be accomplished:
    (A) In person, in a professional setting; or
    (B) By electronic video-conferencing media, provided that the first and final supervisory sessions and at least one supervisory session each quarter be conducted in person pursuant to subsection (A) above.”
    “(f) Clinical social workers who participate in supervision that is conducted by electronic video-conferencing media must:
    (A) Ensure that clients whose records may be discussed as a part of the supervision provide written consent to having confidential records and information transmitted electronically;
    (B) Conduct the video-conference in a setting and in a manner that protects the privacy of both parties; and
    (C) Utilize secure transmittal methods, (encryption, for example) to maintain confidentiality of the information.”

  • Our Assessment: Based on this information, 100% of supervision hours appear to be permitted via virtual supervision during the COVID-19 crisis for aspiring Social Workers in Oregon. Post COVID-19, it appears that supervision is permitted virtually outside of first and final supervisory session and one per quarter.

  • Board Contact:​​

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